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About Tender Feet

“ Tender Feet” has been carefully designed and formulated, keeping in mind the needs of a child during the formative years. The atmosphere of the school is very colourful, fitted with toys, which helps the child learn and explain in a relaxed manner.

At “ Tender Feet” we have a range of carefully selected Montessori equipments, class room toys for eye-hand co-ordination, a small library for their mind development, a puppet theatre which makes story – time interesting for young minds to develop their language skills and field trips to improve their observation.

“Tender Feet” has dedicated classrooms, not just one, but many to constantly expose children to different environment. The environment is hygienic and highly sanitised with spacious classrooms to enable children move about freely.

At “Tender-Feet” all energy is focussed on making a child feel at home while in school. Its like a “Home away from Home”.

“”Tender-Feet” is located in Thillainagar the most posh-area of Trichy Town, making it the most popular hide-out for kids.

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